All of these projects have the same goal in mind:

to create equitable opportunities

Within these projects, the following work has been put in with teams striving for the same goal:

  • Solution-Oriented Designs

  • Research-Based Decisions

  • Market Surveyed

  • Concise Business Plan Developed

  • Crafted Pitch Deck

  • MVP Phases Outlined

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Creating Unlimited Possibilities by Connecting Passionate Individuals in Health and Fitness

Who We Are

Hustle is a customizable, remote “coach-on-the-go” anyone can use for specific fitness, nutrition, health, and wellness advice anytime, anywhere, by verified specialists in their field.

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The Literary Sleuth

Reviewing books for authors, publishers, and the public, & educational research.

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The Coaches Collaboration Podcast

Bringing Coaching Experts Together

Found on iTunes, Spotify, GooglePlay, & YouTube

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The Complete Athlete

Providing World-Class Continuing Education For Fitness Trainers, Coaches, and Gyms

The Complete Athlete focuses on continuing education with research and evidence-based information for all trainers, coaches, and gyms. Offering specialty services from a team of certified coaches online and onsite.

Beyond the Resume Logo 2.png

Beyond the Resume

Showing the Whole You, Beyond the Resume

Providing & validating alternative opportunities to build professional skills, portfolios, & networks.

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Providing edtech companies with SOLUTION-DRIVEN feedback from their actual users: students! While providing students the opportunity to practice digital citizenship, problem solving, critical thinking, and have their voices heard.



Allowing athletes of any sport to see how they compare to themselves, local athletes, competitors, and professional athletes in order to learn from each other and grow together as a fitness community.