Tech Evolution: A Look at How Technology in Education Can Shift Pedagogical Paradigms

  • Educational technology is only as good as the pedagogy behind it. Furthermore, educational technology should also evolve our pedagogy.

  • Technology implemented pedagogically cannot stand alone. It warrants a multitude of layers prompted by the questions you ask yourself as you reflectively plan lessons, activities, projects, and assessments.

  •  The quality of your questions determine the quality of your answers.

  • Learning is an ACTION. What the educator and learner DOES with technology determines the levels of understandings.

  • Complexity > difficulty

  • Transformative > transactional 

  • If practicing standards-based grading, your Learning Management System can act as a microlearning platform that provides at-pace learning, immediate formative feedback for both educator and learner, multiple avenues of acquiring knowledge and applying understandings, etc.

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